1870-CC Liberty Gold Eagle

The Carson City Mint began operations in 1870, with the production of the double eagle, eagle, half eagle, silver dollar, half dollar, and quarter. Each of these have come to represent rarities in their respective series.

The 1870-CC Liberty Gold Eagle had a total mintage of 5,908 pieces. While not an extremely low mintage (many issues had lower mintages), heavy circulation took its toll. It is estimated that around 70-80 pieces still exist in all grades, with no specimens known in mint state. This issue represents the second most valuable date of the series after the 1875 Gold Eagle. This status is driven both by its rarity and its popularity with collectors of Carson City gold coins and other specialists.

The highest graded 1870-CC Liberty Head Gold Eagles are a handful of pieces graded AU55 by PCGS and NGC. Most recently an example graded NGC AU 50 realized $48,875 at auction. In 2006, one of the PCGS AU55 graded examples sold for $115,000.